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Our Story

It was the summer of 2008 at the Yolo County Fair, the fair that took place in Hallee's hometown of Woodland, California. She was there with her girlfriends, doing "laps"around the fair circle like any other high school kid would do, when a group of tall guys she had never seen before walked up to say hi to one of her friends. Instantly, she had to ask her friend Myla who the tall blondie was in the Chicago cubs windbreaker and that is when she was introduced to Jared Ney from Winters, California. 


J&H would both go home and myspace one another. Later they would share with their parents who they had met at the fair.  Little did they know the history between their two families. Jared's mom, Kim and Hallee's dad, Dean grew up down the road from one another and attended the same schools since kindergarten. Jared's uncle, John and Hallee's dad were best friends growing up and Jared's grandmother, Nellie was Dean's school bus driver when he was young. 

Shortly after, J&H would go on to date. They would have a typical small town love story; football games, high school dances, and parties. Hallee would learn how big of heart Jared has and Jared would learn how strong willed Hallee can be. Although they wouldn't go on to date through high school and college, the two would remain in touch and somehow always manage to meet up when the timing was right or both were home from school.  

Jared was on his way to Brisbane, Australia to live and play baseball when he had a rather long layover in Los Angeles. Hallee happened to live in LA and when Jared's connecting flight got cancelled she picked him up for some LA adventures. Jared would go on to live and play baseball in Australia & Germany while Hallee would graduate college and set out on her two year backpacking trip around the world. 

It was on this backpacking trip where Hallee had a little too much to drink in Greece while celebrating her 25th birthday and called Jared 48 times while he was at a Giants game back home - yikes! Some would call that a red flag, but when Hallee returned from her trip, J&H would meet for lunch. It was the first time in years that J&H would live in the same area as one another and they would start to date again.

Now four years later, Jared and Hallee are so thankful they always stayed in touch and continued to pursue one another. They reside in Winters, California where Jared is a Crane Operator for Maxim Crane and Hallee, an International Product Developer for Jelly Belly Candy Company. They have a 3 year old chocolate lab name Finn and when they aren't working, J&H love to adventure. While Jared supports Hallee's many side hustles, Hallee supports Jared's golf addiction. They are avid Friday night date nighters; whether they stay local in Winters or try somewhere new, they pride themselves in being foodies. Their favorite place to spend their weekends is West Shore Lake Tahoe where a lot of their relationship truly blossomed. J&H have recently started to indulge in pickle ball and are looking forward to this next chapter in their life. They feel an overwhelming gratitude for the friendships they have built and the people who surround them. They can't wait to continue to grow as a couple, build to their story and start a family of their own. 

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